Rest and Trust

Mark 4:26-34.

In the first three chapters of Mark, Jesus has healed many people and cast out demons.  Everywhere he goes, he encounters opposition.  Though we’re told that he has been preaching and proclaiming the good news, we haven’t been told exactly what he teaches.  Chapter 4 is the first extended teaching that Mark records.  Jesus uses parables to reveal something about the kingdom of God.  The two parables here are about seeds and how they grow.  The first is about a seed which grows automatically, while the farmer simply sleeps and rises day after day.  The farmer doesn’t know how the seed grows.  The second parable reveals that the kingdom of God is like a mustard seed.

What do these three things (the opposition Jesus encounters, and the two seed parables) tell us about the kingdom of God?  What do they mean for our day and time?


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